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Worlaby is a village in the beautiful western Wolds of North Lincolnshire. The Parish Council maintains this website to allow citizens greater visibility of, and opportunity to get involved in, the many projects affecting the village.  Please contact the Clerk if you require information adding to the website.

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Worlaby Playing Field Working Group

Worlaby Parish Council and the Recreation Committee are jointly working together to improve the playing field and are beginning with refurbishing the tennis courts creating a MUGA and under 5's play area.


Members of the Working Group receiving a cheque for £50 from children at the Worlaby Toddlers Group who kindly held Raffles each week to raise funds to go towards the project.



Forthcoming Events -

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New Village Achievers Information - Feb 2015.



Please find attached a question for completion on the North Lincs Adult Safeguarding Board - submission required by 31st January, 2015.



  Village Heritage Displays

The Village Hall could become the setting for a permanent display on the heritage of the village. Tom Cave, Chair of the Parish Council is trying to track down a number of trophies and certificates that were awarded to Worlaby over the last century. Many of these were held by the late Nan Machin, who would produce them for Village shows. He recalls some being on display in the Old Chapel, many years ago.

There were certificates that recognised the Village contribution to 'Warship Week', together with some relating to raising funds for Spitfires and the like during the war. There were also a number of shields and cups that were awarded for sports events and horticultural efforts. The Recreation Committee agreed with his suggestion that it would be nice, if they are retrieved, for them to be located in the Village Hall as a display on the Village heritage.

These would be alongside the more recent 'Best Kept Village' awards and the many achievements we hope to get in the future. We’d love to hear from you if you know where any of the trophies and awards may be stored, or if you have something relating to the history of the village that may be suitable to be put on display. Please contact the Parish Clerk, Deb Hotson.


Updated January, 2015

Superfast Broadband

As superfast broadband has been available in Worlaby for few months now, the Northern Lincs Broadband (NLBB) team would like to hear from you if you have benefitted from the faster network. For example, has your family been able to do more online at the same time as each other? Do you run a business that has become more efficient as a result of the improved connection?

Many more towns and villages across Northern Lincolnshire get access to the new network each month and the NLBB team would like you to help them spread the word about its benefits. Can you help? If so, please contact the team on 01724 296926 or email



Worlaby Parish Council

Left to Right - Cllr Tony Hayes, Cllr Richard Bowles, Cllr Don Barker, Cllr Tom Cave (Chair), Cllr Peter Jones (Vice Chair), Cllr Alan French

Cllr Chrsitine Fletcher, Deb Hotson - Clerk to the Council, Cllr Jean Smithson




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